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I became a physiotherapist in 1989 after graduating from what was then known as the South Australian Institute of Technology better known today as Uni of SA.  I completed some postgraduate studies from the University of South Australia in rural and remote physiotherapy in 1997.


The reason I wanted to be a physiotherapist was primarily to help people.  This still remains my goal today some 30 years later.  I have always maintained that if I don’t get a kick out of a client getting better then I need to look at changing my role but I haven’t lost that passion and it is just as important to me today as it was in my early years.


I’m especially interested in knee injuries having injured my ACL in my late 20s which then severely interrupted my ability to participate in the sports that I loved, namely basketball and football. So I understand the impact that being out of sport for a period of time can have but I do extend this to not just sports but to life in general.  Keeping people active and enabling them to return to their normal life is always a goal of every session I have with a client.


I have always aimed to improve the health of the people of Port Pirie. I worked for 11 years at the Port Pirie Regional Health Service as the Senior Physiotherapist and during this time implemented a number of primary health and health promotion programs.  My time at the hospital provided me with a broad range of experience and skills and as a result gave me the confidence and skills to deal with most health issues that a physiotherapist would expect to confront from stroke clients to amputees to post orthopaedic surgical clients through to the client with chronic and persistent pain problems.


I’ve been an active member of the Port Pirie basketball community for 28 years and it was an honour to receive life membership several years ago but my greatest achievement was as a coach winning the South Australian Country Championships in 2017, a team that included all three of my boys.

 I have also been involved with Solomontown Football Club since 1993 where I have been both a player, coach, parent, umpire and helping out with sports injury matters. Highlights include the Solomontown premierships in 1995 when I was a player and also 2015 when I was a parent and assisted in the sports medicine area.


Through basketball I have also toured as the physiotherapist for the South Australian Country Basketball Junior men and women teams to both state and national championships. This role saw me assist in preparing the athletes in weeks leading up to the championships as well as supporting them daily to achieve their goals. The highlight was when the SA Country Women won silver in the under 18 championships held in Geelong.

Sport has always been an interest of mine. It is a concern to me that less kids are being active today which I believe impacts upon both academic results as well as long-term health outcomes.  This trend needs to be reversed. 


I’ve enjoyed working over a broad range of sports in Port Pirie and have often presented to numerous sports about injury prevention strategies often related to the knee.  I’ve often been a part of training sports trainers through most satiation with the South Australian Sports Medicine Association.

I enjoy working with my more senior clients including my role in aged care organisations, St Joseph’s Nursing Home in Hammill House through to the younger active teams of our community and everyone in between.  Being a rural based physiotherapist provides the opportunity to have a very broad-based client and condition mix something that I’ve always enjoyed right from my early days in the hospital.


My strengths are getting to the root cause of someone’s problems and then developing goals to address the issues identified and then assisting the client along the path to achieving those goals.  I’m not so much about providing ongoing long-term treatment as much as finding a solution to provide long-term sustainable improvements.


I believe that the end of every treatment session the person should feel better, have an understanding about what’s going on with their condition and have an understanding of the strategies that they can employ at home/work/sport to assist them in managing the problem. Most clients will be expected to take an active role in their health management thus the provision of home treatment programs.


Professional development and keeping up-to-date and abreast of latest techniques and management has always been a priority for me.  Through subscriptions to journals, being a member of both the SA Sports Medicine Association and the Australian Physiotherapy Association, attending courses, listening to podcasts and having the latest textbooks ensures that I provide the best outcomes for my clients.  I also understand that at times physiotherapy is not the most appropriate profession. We will assist our clients where this is the case to find and source the most appropriate management or health professional. I’ve developed links particularly with local GPs as well as with Wakefield Sports Clinic to ensure clients get the most appropriate care at the most appropriate time.




Nadinne is a great example of not judging anyone by their size.  She is a pocket rocket who enjoys interacting with clients.  She is the mother of two active children.  We count ourselves lucky to have her work with us. 


Nadinne is a keen exerciser herself and regularly attends boot camp and has played sport locally for many years.  She will endeavour to make you feel most welcome and make sure your time with us is as stress free as possible.  


Nadinne has worked with us for a number of years now and over this time has developed real expertise in supervising Clinical Pilates and exercise programs.



Being a small family run practice Jodie wears several hats.  She is the practice manager and runs a very efficient clinic but she also works at the front desks and assists with client treatment programs in a physiotherapy assistant role. 


Jodie knows from personal experience the importance of providing good timely healthcare and meeting the needs of clients.  She will ensure that everyone’s time with us is positive. 


Jodie has been involved with numerous sports in Port Pirie over her time and as a mother of three very active young men she too understands the importance of being active and the role that sports plays in young people’s lives.



Eliza is an Exercise Physiologist who graduated from Uni SA in 2022 and has been working in Adelaide prior to joining our team. Eliza has previous experience in hydrotherapy and land-based exercise working with a broad range of clientele including NDIS, DVA, Medicare, RTWSA, Paediatrics and aged care. At the end of her schooling, she moved to Adelaide to pursue a career in Exercise Physiology having found a strong interest in how exercise could widely be used as a form of treatment for a range of conditions. Having grown up in Kingston in the South East, Eliza was keen to move back to the country and offer her services to the local communities. 


Eliza is passionate about helping people through the benefits of exercise for the assistance of chronic disease management, disability and musculoskeletal injury. She values the importance of exercise and how this can translate into everyday life and activities for people of all ages, having also enjoyed remaining active herself whether this be through sport, gym or work. Eliza has a keen interest in Pilates and is excited to be working with the team at Clive Munzberg Physiotherapy to further her skills in this area to best support her clients. She is excited to be working at the clinic here and also offering hydrotherapy services too within the community. She is passionate in finding treatments that are individualised and suited to clients reaching their goals and promoting self-management as much as possible too. 

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