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1 First Street

Port Pirie SA 5540

Ph: 8633 1789

Fax: 8632 1598

Office Opening Hours:

Mon: 8am to 6pm

Tue: 9am to 5pm

Wed: 8am to 6pm

Thu: 9am to 7pm

Fri: 8am to 4:30pm​​

Clive Munzberg Physiotherapy has a long standing commitment to people in the Port Pirie region. We deliver a full range of tailored services aimed at ensuring pain free movement to people of all ages and vocations

  • Complete the form above and we will contact you no later than the next business day. 

  • If you are requesting an appointment include your time available and a brief description of your issue. 

  • If you have an urgent or acute problem it is best to ring and we will make every attempt to meet your needs.

  • If you have an acute muscular / sporting injury click here to find out what you can do now.


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