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  • Do I need a referral?
    A referral is not required to see a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners however if you are attending physiotherapy and seeking workers compensation, veterans affairs DVA gold card or through the Medicare EPC program you will need a referral. But for most people there is no need to have a medical or other referral to see a physiotherapist.
  • What does a consultation cost?
    Your first visit as an initial consultation will cost $79 and any subsequent consultations will cost $65. You will get a rebate through private health insurance and you could contact your private health insurer to find out what that is. For most people there is a gap between the private health insurance cost and the fees.
  • I have injured myself, what can I do before I attend physio?"
    All medical emergencies should be directed to accident and emergency or via ambulance. However for more minor injuries use the POLICE principle - see the SOFT TISSUE INJURIES menu tab
  • How can I change my appointment?
    Please let us know as soon as possible via phone 8633 1789 if you are unable to attend an appointment. This will allow anyone who may be waiting to access services. The best method is to contact us by phone.
  • How much notice do you need to cancel an appointment?
    All appointments should be cancelled or modified within 24 hours of the appointment time otherwise in some cases a cancellation fee may be charged.
  • Can a physio refer for relatable radiology services like MRI and ultrasound?
    Physiotherapy is able to refer for the services however often the rebates are not the same as if referred by GP. We are keen to ensure client costs are kept to a minimum and we will discuss the various options with you and ensure the most effective processes used to minimise your costs but at the same time to ensure you a quality service delivery.
  • Will my appointment be covered by private health insurance?
    We accept all private health insurance rebates and we use HiCAPS to ensure speedy on the spot claims processing and reducing the need for you to access your private health insurer after a visit. You must have ancillary cover or extras cover on your private health insurance to cover physiotherapy. Most times there is a gap between the fee and the rebate paid by your private insurance. Contact your private health insurer for more information. Note that we are unable to advise prior to putting the claim through what the gap payment will be.
  • How can I pay for my consultation/claim from private health?
    We accept all major credit cards and are also able through the HiCAPS terminal to make a claim directly to your private health insurer.
  • What services do you provide for DVA/veterans type clients?
    DVA clients are able to receive a full range of physiotherapy services from in room consultations to home visits including provision of equipment and aids to make life easier. We have a range of products to reduce falls and a number of programs specifically directed towards the veteran community. Please contact us for more information.
  • What will I need to bring to my appointment?
    Please bring to your consultation all tests and investigation results including x-rays pertaining to your injury. Also bring your Medicare card or private health insurance card as appropriate. If you have a referral from any source please bring that and if you want, prior to attending, you can also bring a completed Client Information Sheet. Select the FORMS tab, then print off the Client Information Sheet, complete it and bring it with you.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Dressing in appropriate clothes is important. Generally sporting type attire is best since this enables us to more accurately assess your movement patterns. In the case of lower limb injury you may wish to bring a pair of shorts.
  • When are your classes or group programs / timetables?
    Click here to see when the various group class times are. For the most up-to-date information please give us a call and we can let you know which one may be appropriate for you.
  • Do you have an appointment reminder system?
    Yes we have a text (SMS) reminder service. This service will remind you the day before your appointment. Please let us know at the time of making an appointment if you would like us to provide you with an SMS reminder.
  • Do I need to pay for my consultation at the time of the appointment?
    Payment in full is required at the time of consultation. All transactions should be completed at the time of consultation. We provide a range of options to achieve this which we can discuss with you.
  • What can I expect from a normal physio session / treatment?
    At your first visit we will go through a thorough examination in order to provide treatment that specifically relates to your condition. Initially we will talk to you about your problems and your health and look at your personal goals. We will then complete a range of tests to enable us to clarify exactly what’s going on. Treatment sessions will be provided and your condition will be discussed at each stage. Most times you will be provided with some ongoing home based program/treatment to enable more rapid recovery.
  • How long will a session take?
    This can be quite variable but in general we would recommend that you allow an hour. Depending on your condition or presentation you may be here shorter or longer to the average consultation times.
  • Can a physio provide a sick certificate?
    We can provide you with a sick certificate related to our expertise. For example if you have the flu a physiotherapist is is not the best person to write a certificate however if you have a sprained ankle or an injured lower back we are able to provide evidence for this. Often we also provide safe to return to work or return to sport’s play certificates. Please let us know what you need and we will be happy to assist.
  • Is physio covered through Medicare?
    In some circumstances you may claim physiotherapy services through Medicare. There is a program called the Enhanced Primary Care Program through which you must be referred by your GP and you may have up to 5 physiotherapy sessions or allied health sessions per year.
  • Do you provide splints, braces or taping if needed?"
    We stock items that we would use and these are available for clients to purchase. Often we will be best placed to advise you on the most appropriate aid specific to your condition and where we don’t have these on hand we can order them in as required or advise you where you can get these items. We have the most commonly used braces and splints in a variety of sizes in stock and provide these at very competitive prices.
  • Can you supply a TENS unit and electrodes?
    We can supply a TENS machine and also all the accessories such as electrodes. We stock the most cost-effective items.
  • Do you see motor vehicle accident clients?
    Yes we see motor vehicle accident clients. You will need to have a referral from your GP and also a claim number. We require payment of the full fee for your consultation on the day and you will need to make a claim back yourself.
  • Do you communicate with my GP?
    Yes, it is our normal practice when you are attending to communicate back to your GP. This communication will outline our findings and recommendations for ongoing management. Where necessary and in urgent cases we will make phone contact with your GP. We believe that communication between us and referral to impact is essential.
  • Are you an NDIS provider?
    Yes we are an NDIS approved provider. Our programs are primarily structured towards adult based NDIS participants including those with acquired brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and other neural conditions. For more information on how we can assist click here and this outlines the range of services we provide for NDIS.
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